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Valheim mod lets you overclock your smelters

Do you sacrifice stability for speed? After a strong mining sesh in Valheim, I believe there’s no greater agony than smelting all the ore I’ve gathered. Yes, it’s satisfying, but I am a terribly impatient individual who demands my metal bars now, not later. That’s why a mod which lets me overclock my smelters, kilns,…

Do you sacrifice stability for rate?

After a powerful mining sesh in Valheim, I think there is no greater agony than smelting all the ore I’ve accumulated. Yes, it’s satisfying, however I am a very impatient individual who needs my metal bars today, not afterwards. That is the reason why a mod that lets me overclock my smelters, kilns, and blast furnaces with Surtling Cores has me curious. Finally, I will accelerate the procedure.

A clever viking by the title of”MarcoPogo” has created a Valheim mod called”Surtling Core Overlocking“. It permits you to transform any Surtling Cores you have lying around into”Overclock Cores” which may be slotted in to your kiln, smelter, or blast furnace to improve their productivity.

There are 3 distinct types of overclock cores you may bung into your smelters: Speed, Efficiency, and Productivity. And you will need to strike a careful balance when doing so, as a lot of one without the other could lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Optimal smelting performance doesn’t come cheap . You are going to need a Forge and an Artisan Table to begin, followed by Surtling Cores, and an assortment of materials to give them that particular overclocking touch.

A screenshot of the Surtling Core Overclocking mod which shows the Overlock Speed Core in the crafting menu. It increases speed but at the cost of efficiency.

I understand what you’re thinking,”Ed, could you not just like, cheat? You know, turn up the numbers so smelting speed is super fast?” . Of course! But that’s neither interesting nor entertaining. MarcoPogo’s overclocking mod turns my pursuit to get pace to some careful balancing act which feels like it’s part of Valheim’s entire world, as opposed to, well, opening up the control console on the sly and feeling gloomy.

If this all overclocking business sounds a bit too complex, then might I suggest a different Valheim mod that allows you to turn your viking into a walking terror ?

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