Pentagon tracking

The Pentagon is Monitoring an out of control Chinese rocket Anticipated to crash into Earth

The Chinese Long March 5B rocket launched Tianhe, the core module of the Chinese Space Station. CMS It sounds like the plotline for a Bruce Willis movie: The Pentagon said in a statement Tuesday that it’s tracking a large Chinese rocket that is out of control and expected to reenter Earth’s atmosphere this weekend. The…

tracking transparency

What’s App Tracking Transparency and how can you block program tracking?

With iOS 14.5, Apple is finally making good on a promise made at WWDC last summer to give iPhone and iPad users more control over the ways their data is tracked and collected by app developers. The feature, called App Tracking Transparency, was supposed to ship with iOS 14 last fall, but Apple delayed the…

Apple tracking

Apple iOS 14.5 is out: ad tracking opt-out, Maps incident reporting, and more

FYI: Apple finally released iOS/iPadOS 14.5. It was in beta for quite a while, but it appears it is now stable enough and finalized for the general public. If you have your iPhone or iPad set to auto-update, it should install the next time you have it on the charger. Otherwise, manually update it by…

Apple's tracking

How Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency policy works

iOS 14.5 — Paper covers include IDFA alternatives, rules for Apple’s own apps, and more. Samuel Axon – Apr 7, 2021 10:02 pm UTC A mockup of the tracking confirmation that Apple included in its company blog. Note that it uses Facebook as its example. This week, Apple published a new white paper that describes…

Autonomous tracking

This autonomous tracking drone is frighteningly capable

This is a video putting Skydio’s Skydio 2 autonomous tracking drone to the test and it works frighteningly well. First they track a person running through the woods, then a car driving under a bridge, then test out it’s electromagnetic shielding. And the results? Well turns out this is the perfect stalking tool because it…

receptor tracking

Tracking receptor proteins can unveil molecular basis of Learning and Memory

IMAGE: Confocal microscopic image of cortical neurons after two-step labeling. The neurons were fixed, permeabilized, and immunostained with an anti-MAP2 antibody for visualizing the dendrite. Green and red signals indicate labeled… view more  Credit: Shigeki Kiyonaka The neurons in our nervous system “talk” to each other by sending and receiving chemical messages called neurotransmitters. This communication…

Success tracking

Tracking the success of Johns Hopkins’ high-profile COVID-19 website

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins Medicine needed to provide accurate content very quickly in an information environment that was changing by the hour. THE PROBLEM In a pre-pandemic world, the organization’s content team would look to search engine optimization strategies to see what questions people are asking and determine what information would be most useful.…

Location tracking

The way to Turn Off GPS Location Tracking on an iPhone

If you have Location Services enabled on your iPhone, apps (and system services) you approve can check your location. Here’s how you can toggle GPS and other location-tracking methods off and on, easily.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

block tracking

The Way to block ad tracking in your iPhone

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge In 2019, an article in The Washington Post by Geoffrey Fowler described the author’s shock when he discovered just how many of his iPhone apps were collecting and uploading information about his usage while he slept. As we all know by now, data is a huge commodity…

plague tracking

Tracking the plague in DR Congo

Already battling COVID-19 and a renewed Ebola outbreak, DR Congo is also home to one of the world’s oldest sites of the plague—and there are signs that the disease may have reared its head once more.