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Top 3 Threats to Pearson Airport & Public Health

Whether we like it or not, we can’t force someone to not exercise their consitutional rights in public. People have been making headlines by refusing to wear masks, get tested and quarantine. Public health is at risk right now. After spending millions of dollars, the Canadian government has failed to handle the COVID-19 Virus. It […]

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Germany closes borders to try to slow virus

Image copyright AFP Image caption The French-German border is allowing only goods and commuters to pass Germany has become the latest country to close borders as European nations try to stem the spread of the coronavirus.Its borders with France, Austria and Switzerland were shut on Monday morning, except for commercial traffic. France is considering more…

launches Microsoft Technology

Microsoft launches a coronavirus tracker dashboard on Bing

As the world grapples with the continuous spread of coronavirus, more companies are making tools to keep people informed about the pandemic. Earlier today, Microsoft rolled out a new live dashboard to track the COVID-19 outbreak. The company said it’s aggregating data for the dashboard from trusted sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Health…

Science and Nature

NASA Warns Of Airburst-Causing Asteroid Arriving This Week

KEY POINTSNASA detected an asteroid approaching Earth2020 EF has a natural orbit that intersects Earth’s pathThe approaching asteroid is big enough to cause a powerful airburstAn asteroid following an Earth-intersecting orbit is about to approach Earth in a couple of days. Based on the data collected by NASA, the asteroid is big enough to create…