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In the race to reduce car emissions, don’t forget longevity

As countries race to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change, the debate on green vehicles often focuses on fuel efficiency and alternative fuels, such as electricity and hydrogen. A common idea is that the faster the transition is, the better it is for the environment. Now, a new study of car use in Japan shows…

Emissions reducing

Reducing CO2 emissions by targeting the world’s hyper-polluting power plants

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Mitigating emissions in the livestock production Industry

The farming of livestock to feed the global appetite for animal products greatly contributes to global warming. A new study however shows that emission intensity per unit of animal protein produced from the sector has decreased globally over the past two decades due to greater production efficiency, raising questions around the extent to which methane…

Emissions Net-Zero

Net-Zero Emissions from 2050 Are Possible, Landmark Report Says

Many energy experts and climate scientists question whether it is feasible to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by century’s end. Today, the world’s preeminent energy institution offered a rebuttal. In a 227-page report, the International Energy Agency said it is possible to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and limit warming to 1.5 C.…

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Half of the world’s emissions cuts will require tech that isn’t commercially available

If the world hopes to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions by midcentury, nearly half the cuts will have to come from technologies that are only in early stages today. That finding, in a report from the International Energy Agency released Tuesday, points to the need for aggressive investment in research, development, and scale-up of clean energy…