Apple's These

These may be Apple’s third-generation AirPods

Apple's rumored redesign of the standard AirPods may have surfaced in the wild. MacRumors reports that 52Audio has shared a photo of what appears to be the third-generation basic AirPods. The buds themselves match rumors with an AirPods Pro-style…

Apple's MagSafe

Apple’s next MagSafe accessory might be the most exciting one yet

Apple has been working for at least a year on a MagSafe accessory that should be popular among iPhone 12 owners: An external battery pack. Apple has launched iPhone battery cases for older iPhone models, but the new accessory would not double as a protective case. The wireless charger would snap to the back of…

Apple's Magic

Apple’s Magic Keyboard Remains $100 off at several retailers

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge With the right keyboard accessory, you can transform your iPad into a laptop. Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro and fourth-generation iPad Air can add a laptop-like experience to either tablet. It includes a set of backlit keys and a trackpad. At $300, the Magic Keyboard…

Apple's iPhone

Apple’s iPhone 13 will feature a new design, and some of the details just leaked

Apple’s iPhone 13 will feature an Always-On Display, similar to existing Apple Watch models. The time and battery icon, along with incoming notifications, will always remain visible. Other rumored iPhone 13 features include support for Portrait Mode video and the return of Touch ID. On top of that, a known Apple leaker with a good…

Apple's first

Leak says Apple’s first mixed-reality headset will cost $3,000

A new report lists the purported price and release date of Apple’s upcoming high-end mixed-reality (MR) glasses. The headset will supposedly retail for around $3,000 in 2022. The device will reportedly use cameras to track the wearer’s hands, while internal sensors track eye movements. The headset is said to feature two 8K displays that will…

Apple's Masks---If

Apple’s Face ID Will Soon Work With Masks–If You Own an Apple Watch

Starting with the iPhone X, Apple ditched Touch ID in favor of Face ID. And for plenty of people, that’s just fine—until the global pandemic made mask wearers of us all. Now Face ID struggles to recognize people, even with new mask detection efforts. But the latest iOS beta pulls a new trick to solve…

Apple's tracking

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature will be enabled by default and arrive in’early spring’ on iOS

Apple has shared a few more details about its much-discussed privacy changes in iOS 14. The company first announced at WWDC in June that app developers would have to ask users for permission in order to track and share their IDFA identifier for cross-property ad targeting purposes. While iOS 14 launched in the fall, Apple…

Apple's event

Apple’s event calendar: All the events and product releases We All expect for 2021

Updated 01/26/21: We’ve updated this article with our predictions for 2021. Apple has not yet officially announced any of its events for the year, but history gives us lots of clues about what to expect.Apple doesn’t often participate in big industry-wide events like CES or E3. The most valuable company in the world holds its own events,…

Apple's Newest

Apple’s Newest Fitness Feature: Celeb-Hosted Outdoor Walks

The company’s latest subscription product combines outdoor fitness with podcasting, though you’ll need an Apple Watch to enjoy it.


Will 2021 be the year Apple’s U1 processor goes broad?

Apple’s no stranger to introducing and popularizing new technologies. The original iMac wasn’t the first to use USB, but it drove adoption of the standard. Multitouch displays existed before the iPhone, but it was the first real commercial product offering it. Sometimes those technologies take a while to gestate, though. And there may be no…